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Scholarships & 援助

应用ing for financial aid is simple.

90% of students at Texas Wesleyan get financial aid to help cover the cost of tuition, 费用, housing and more. Start looking into your options today.


Types of Financial 援助

There are many types of financial aid available to help you pay for your education. Check out the different types, 如何 to qualify for each and 如何 much they're worth.

‌‌ 贷款

See each type of financial aid and learn more today.

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Check out the types of financial aid

How Financial 援助 Works

什么 is financial aid and 如何 does it really work? You have questions and we have answers. Whether you're an athlete, music student or super genius, we'll outline the different financial aid options you have.

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应用ing for 援助 & 联邦助学金免费申请表

Don't let your financial aid application get in the way of your education. We'll walk you through the process and make sure all your questions are answered.

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Confused about the difference between 联邦助学金免费申请表 and the TASFA? Get more information and learn 如何 to apply here.