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Human Resources

The Texas Wesleyan Office of Human Resources provides comprehensive services, expertise and administration with respect to recruitment, hiring, benefits, training, policies, procedures and the performance of employees consistent with the University's goals and objectives. 

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Working together in a spirit of continuous improvement and collaboration, the Human Resources team leads a progressive and productive work environment supporting the mission and vision of Texas Wesleyan University by delivering exceptional customer service.


The Human Resources Department will be a model for excellence and leadership, emphasizing strategic and progressive human resource practices, high-quality service, procedural efficiency, employee enrichment and institutional collaboration.

We will seek to implement human resource best practices and innovative human resource solutions.  We are committed to fostering a positive culture that sustains Texas Wesleyan’s mission of developing students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the world community.

  • Integrity
  • Exceptional Customer Service/Transparency
  • Innovation and Efficiency
  • Credibility and Accountability
  • Strategic Partnership and Collaboration
  • Welcoming Workplace Environment
Living "Smaller. Smarter."

Smaller. Smarter. It’s who we are, it's an experience. It's a part of every project, process, document, interaction and more. We're on a mission to make everything at this campus feel truly smaller and smarter.

This is a customer service curriculum that will help everyone at TXWES focus on giving students an incredible experience from turning in their admission application to walking the stage at graduation. Start living Smaller. Smarter. today.



Employment Opportunities

Job seekers can now search through our current job postings and apply online.

The system will require applicants to fill out an online application. You will have to create a user name and password to access this system. 


Freedom From Harassment and Discrimination: Other Protected Characteristics

The University is committed to providing an environment of academic study and employment free from harassment or discrimination to all segments of its community; that is, its faculty, staff, students, guests and vendors. It is the responsibility of members of the University community to conduct themselves so that their words or actions cannot be reasonably perceived as harassing, discriminatory, sexually coercive, abusive or exploitive, or as interfering with any other individual's ability to study or work productively at the University.

Texas Wesleyan University is committed to providing a safe and positive living, learning and working environment.

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