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Dr. 艾米丽W. 梅塞尔集团

Dr. 艾米丽W. 梅塞尔集团 has an extensive background in higher education, from helping colleges break historic enrollment numbers and securing funding for new programming and expansions of colleges, to putting a focus on the importance of 学生生活. She has goals to continue making the university a higher education leader in the community.


A student leading a lecture at University College Day 2023

参与 in Learning

参与 in transformative learning with facilities and technology to support exceptional teachers who help students reach their full potential through a distinctive curriculum that focuses on knowledge, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, creative problem-solving and cross-cultural competencies that employers value.

参与 in Leadership

We will engage in leadership development by acting as an example for our students and by providing them with opportunities to connect academic experiences with on-campus extracurricular and athletic programming as well as off-campus Alumni and professional interactions, enabling them to develop ethical discernment and become a driving force in making significant contributions to their professions and society.

参与 in Community

We will engage in community building with our students, 邻居, Alumni, and the private sector to enhance diversity, 包容, 学生生活, civic responsibility, and economic opportunity empowering our students’ success as well as revitalizing our campus and our neighborhood.

A close rendering of the new Karen Cramer Stadium on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University

2025 投资ment Campaign

参与. 激励. 投资. seeks to raise over $40 million to help secure the resources necessary to provide an optimum and engaging environment for teaching and learning, positively impacting 学生生活 and promoting campus and community engagement. From building a new athletic stadium to establishing staff positions designed to help increase student retention, the campaign will help propel Texas Wesleyan as a leader in higher education.